Overview of My Ebook

Ebook is an electronic counterp Ebook is undoubtedly today’s most popular medium for reading books due to the advantages it offer for readers.

  • Ebook titles are good source of new and old information on every possible subject—fiction or nonfiction.
  • Ebooks are portable. You can read an Ebook anywhere you want as long as you have Internet or digital devices with you.
  • Publishing, Distribution, and Selling of Ebooks is more easy and convenient than publishing a book, the traditional way.
  • Ebooks require less resources and space since it is created and stored electronically.
  • Ebooks provide authors with instant visibility in the online marketplace.

How to Publish an Ebook:

Here are some simple tips to get you ready for Ebook publishing:

  • 1. Know the Ebook marketplace and understand what Ebook formats is best for your Ebook.
  • 2. Understand ISBNs (International Standard Book Number). Find out if your target retailer requires an ISBN for your Ebook.
  • 3. Learn what Ebook retailer/s best meets your requirements.
  • 4. Before distributing your Ebook, decide whether you want your Ebook to be protected with digital rights management (DRM) technology, which aims to prevent illegal selling, printing, modification, and distribution of digital contents.

Electronic book or Ebook is a digital downloadable book that is readable on your personal computers or on a wide range of eReader devices and platforms.

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With Ebooks, authors now have the extended facility to market their books online and not just on a “Brick & Mortar” bookstores. Maximizing your opportunity to reach more readers in different locations all over the world!!

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Unleash Your Potential
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